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Either Read below AND/OR Watch this video to learn how to reserve one of our puppies, put a deposit down, and pick out your puppy! http://youtu.be/HyjGRqa77F8

First, you just have to contact me and let me know you want to be added to the contact list, you will remain on the contact list until you get a puppy or ask to be taken off. (this is a contact list, not a waiting list, everyone gets a fair chance at a puppy). Email is best: annesairedales@gmail.com

When the puppies are born, i send out an email and let everyone know the puppies have been born along with all the info about the litter (when they will be ready, how many males, females, when the deposit day is, etc). In this email i let everyone know what day i will start accepting deposits for you to reserve yourself a puppy, i usually try to pick a Saturday about a week after the puppies are born and have been checked out by the vet. On that day its basically first come first serve as far as who gets a deposit to me gets a puppy. I will be checking my email througout that day and will update everyone as i receive deposits as to what is still available. If for some reason I would receive more deposits than I have puppies (If two people would send a deposit on the last puppy at the same time or something) I would refund your deposit to you as soon as possible. Any debates, or if needed are determined by when you first contacted me about a puppy.


We do the deposits this way so that every single person on our contact list has equal opportunity to get a puppy, those who REALLY want a puppy pretty much always get one.


Paypal DEFINITELY gives you the best shot at a puppy, if this is impossible for you, contact me about other methods. So i recommend making sure you have your paypal ID and password or open an account if you don't have one already, and make sure its up and working, if you are worried about it not working you can test it and send me 50 cents or something and i will refund it back to you.

1-So on the deposit day (I WILL NOT ACCEPT DEPOSITS SENT BEFORE THE DEPOSIT DAY- eastern (ohio) time)  you can log on to your paypal account and click "send money" (its the second tab), input the amount as $300, and my email:annesairedales@gmail.com and in the note section please put your name and whether you want a male or female AND whether you will accept the opposite if your first choice is not available. Then follow the prompts until you complete your payment. (I can also send you a paypal invoice if you prefer, but you cannot respond to the invoice and send the payment until the deposit day or it will not be accepted). 

2--AS SOON AS YOU SEND THE PAYMENT:  email me saying you just sent your payment, include your name, address, email, and phone number (for AKC's records) whether you want a male or female.  

I will email you back when i get the payment, like i said i will be checking my email throughout the day but please don't panic if i don't respond IMMEDIATELY

If you cannot figure out how to send this on your own please let me know, i can also send you an invoice on paypal

Once i receive and acknowledge your deposit you will have your male or female puppy reserved for you

 The puppies basically look and act almost completely identical until about 4.5-5.5 weeks. So at about 4-5 weeks i put different colored collars on all the puppies and at that point i start at the top of the list of male and female buyers  (THE LIST ORDER IS DETERMINED BY WHEN I RECEIVED YOUR DEPOSITS) and go down it allowing you to pick your puppies in that order. If you live close you can come and visit and pick your puppy here or I also take TONS of pictures and videos of the puppies and send them to you to pick that way if you live far away. Any disputes over picking puppies will be resolved by when i received your deposit for your puppy.

I try and take pictures and videos of the puppies each week as they grow to keep everyone updated!! I know how anxious people get to meet their puppies! And for those  far away I try and keep you updated so you don't miss seeing your puppies grow up!! You can see some of these previous videos on our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/annesairedales