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Zeva, Sadie, and Zues (from left to right) AND Steve! :)


What a SWEETHEART our girl Zoey is!!! She's got such a fun loving personality! So easy going, loves to play, is very inquisitive and adventurous and also just so entertaining to watch! She loves people and other dogs and loves to be involved in everything! Enjoys sitting and cuddling or going on walks or just following you around. She gets along with everyone! She is a GORGEOUS welsh terrier with a beautiful black and tan coat! We are so excited to see her puppies!  Between her looks and personality they are sure to be amazing!


Official AKC Name: Zeva Klotzle

Zeva is a GEMMM!!! Shes a petite girl. Her mother is our welsh Sadie, and she has Sadies wonderful, loving, laid back personality. If she were a human, she would be one of those laid back, fun, easy to get along with, low maintenance people. She just goes with the flow, now of course shes a welsh, so if your reading this thinking oh her puppies will be easy, probably not the case!! (I said IF she were human haha). Anyhow she really is a wonderful loving girl! She holds her own and doesn't let the others push her around, but she really does just go with the flow!  :) She loves to play, loves to explore, adores the outdoors, and also loves to be loved on! Shes also like her mother in that she herself is a FANTASTIC, doting, loving mother!!

zeva left - zues right


Official AKC Name: Zeus Klotzle
Zeus is a ball of fun!!! He is very energetic and LOVES LOVES LOVES to run and play and annoy the girls trying to get them to come and play with him haha. He is fun loving, such a wonderful characteristic of terriers! He thinks he's a lion too! Nothing makes me laugh more than watching him size up a HUGE dog and just bark at them like he thinks hes 100lbs! Hes a sweet boy though, when hes running around, he ZIPS from place to place and will always come running back to you, check on you, and take off running again. He likes to know you are there and is just like COME ON!!! LETS GO HAVE SOME FUN!!! Hes a LOVELY Welsh too! He has added so much fun to our farm! You can always count on him to make you laugh!

            Zeva left, zues right

> SADIE (soon to go into retirement)

Official AKC name: Sadie Rose Anne Klotzle.                                                                            Sadie is SUCH a sweetheart! She LOVES being held more than anything! We picked up Sadie up in Missouri on our way home from a family reunion in Colorado. We drove her them in the car for about 10 hours and it was such a wonderful first bonding! Not only did she do well in the car, but she LOVED IT! She loves people and loves being involved in things. Sadie loves to play and chase balls and frisbees. She is very laid back and loves to run around and play with Cooper, but is just as content sitting quietly in your lap. She sticks very close and is almost "motherly" to you, she wants to be near you. She is also spunky though, she doesn't let Cooper push her around. She is just plain sweet, we love her to death. Her and Cooper are quite the pair, they get along really well and are nearly inseperable. She also loves exploring and wrestling with Cooper! Sadie has champion bloodlines and you can see it i her, she is a very good looking Welsh Terrier! Sadie weighs about 19lbs.

> COOPER (Now Retired)

Official AKC name: Cooper Klotzle

Cooper is so much fun! He is one playful, ornery, curious boy! He is all play all the time. He is such an entertainer and will just make you laugh SO hard! Cooper is also a VERY good looking Welsh Terrier. He and Sadie are very compatable.He adores running and wrestling with Sadie. Like I said above he and Sadie are real pals, they run and jump and play nonstop with each other. Cooper is such a puppy at heart and so so lovable! He is like a big teddy bear! He also enjoys laying on your lap being petted but if something more interesting comes up, he is out of there (unlike Sadie).He is so much fun! They are both Gems!