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discovering THE CAT!!We want to make it as convenient and easy for you as possible to pick up your puppy. If you live anywhere in the vicinity of where we live, local pickup is always welcome! If you don't we are always willing to drive and meet you part ways to help you out. Although we do ask to be reimbursed for gas and time (see below for details). Give us a call and we are more than willing to work with you. We can no longer ship puppies across the country alone, but to accommodate our across the country buyers we can fly with your puppy and meet you (details below) or you can fly to us of course also!

If you are planning on driving to our house to pick up your puppy and you have a long drive we would be more than happy to help shorten your trip by driving with the puppy and meeting you part way. We will drive one hour for free. But after that we charge for gas and time. Our prices are below (times mean the amount of time we drive one way to meet you).

1/2 hour ONLY : free

1 hour towards you: $60

2 hours towards you: $125 (depending on gas prices)

3 hours: $200 (depending on gas prices)

I will drive up to 5 hours towards a buyer, but only if there is more than one puppy in that area and the two people are willing to split the driving cost.


We prefer not to drive over 3 hours but if you are coming from very far email us and we can work it out. The above pricing is measured by the time it takes us to get from our house to where we are meeting you, which will be determined by mapquest before the day of the meeting. We do not charge additionally if it takes us longer to get to you due to weather or traffic. Although we do have the right to cancel the meeting if the weather is too severe. If you have any questions or are interested in doing this please call or email annesairedales@gmail.com

We can no longer ship a puppy alone on a plane, however the buyer can fly out to us and fly home with their puppy as carry on or if it is not an option for you to come to us, we (one of my family members, or friends) as our schedules allow, can fly your puppy out to your airport! You will be responsible for purchasing the flight and we are charging $250-400 for our time for flying the puppy (price may vary on location, length of flights, etc) Email me for more info! annesairedales@gmail.com 

1-   YOU CAN TRAVEL WITH YOUR PUPPY AS YOUR CARRY ON- in this method you would have to come to our airport and fly with your puppy home. You would travel with your puppy at your feet the entire time. (this does depend on the size of the puppy and may not be possible if they are too old).

2-   YOU CAN TRAVEL WITH YOUR PUPPY AS YOUR CHECKED BAGGAGE- in this method you would come to our airport and fly on the same plane as your puppy back to your home. Your puppy would fly below in checked baggage.