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**** THERE ARE VIDEOS OF ALL OF OUR ADULT AIREDALES (as well as their puppies) ON OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL, AND MORE PICTURES ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE! http://www.youtube.com/annesairedales  AND  https://www.facebook.com/AnnesAiredalesAndWelshTerriers ****


Dixie is a purebred Airedale, she is not AKC registered, we get so many people that just want a purebred Airedale as a pet only that do not care at all about registration so we sell her puppies without AKC registration for less money. Dixie is my husband, Neils PRIDE AND JOY, I always joke that if Dixie wasn't a dog I would be worried she would steal him from me :) He LOVES her to death, they are a perfect example of the bond between a man and dog! Dixie and our mini-schnauzer Tank live with Neil and I at our house in town, less than 2 miles from my parents where the rest of the dogs live! Dixie is A SWEETHEART! She is a very laid back, quiet, sweet, loving Airedale but she is also super playful, and a typical comical Airedale. She cracks us up! Dixie groans when she sleeps, its hysterical! Its her "purr", she does this when she sleeps and when she was happy! She loves to swim and loves to fetch. She follows us everywhere and loves car rides as well! She is a VERY loving mother, anytime she sees puppies she runs over to them and tries to take care of them, she is very nurturing! She loves to learn on or lay against you, pushing up as closely to you as she possibly can!!! Overall she is such a fabulous combination of playful but calm and loving, never TOO MUCH! We just LOVE HER! She's Neils baby FOR SURE!  Shes very long legged and weighs about 57lbs.


Katrina is our diamond in the ruff. Her father is a champion and Katrina's litter was bred looking for the next champion! We are INCREDIBLY lucky to have her! Not only is she an absolutely STUNNING, GORGEOUS Airedale in every way, she has the personality to go with it! She is brilliantly smart, very loving and loyal, loves to play and learn new tricks, loves every dog she meets and almost seems to be the mediator when the other dogs are meeting someone new! Its downright comical! She is the mother of Thor, who will someday be one of our new studs. Non of her puppies will be sold with breeding rights under ANY circumstances.  She weighs about 56lbs.


Dolly is the grandaughter of Judd. Both her mother and father were bred by us in our earlier years, her father is from our first Airedale Lady and one of our earlier males Sampson,  and her mother is from Roxy and Judd. So Dolly holds a VERY special place in our hearts! Her breeder is from Mississippi, and we have been blessed by our friendship that has brought us together over the years of swapping puppies. We met her breeder in Gatlinburg, TN and named her Dolly because of Dollywood! :)Dolly is just a gem! She tends to be a bit more on the quiet side for an Airedale but shes so sweet and loves to sit and cuddle with you, but boy when you are ready to play she is READY TO GO! She gets along with everyone! Shes ESPECIALLY loves to give doggy kisses, NONSTOP!!! She weighs about 51lbs


Beth's official name is Bathsheba of Annes Airedales, but we just call her Beth! :) This girl is as sweet as they come. She is a passive, laid back  Airedale, she loves to play and have fun (like a typical Airedale) but she is definitely not the alpha female, she is fine to let someone else rule the roost. She is one of those dogs that really attaches to her family and is initially a little skeptical of new people and things, but quickly warms up to them. She is a lover and wouldn't hurt a FLY!  She is an amazing and doting mother, and takes AMAZING care of her puppies! She and Spartacus are brother and sister from the same litter, our girl Penny is their mother and Beth definitely takes after Penny with her loving laid back nature!


 Penny is a GEM! Shes is just oozing with personality!! Penny is sharp as a whip and learns VERY quickly! Shes a SUPER fun dog, shes very playful and full of spunk, but what i love about Penny is she knows her limits, and when your done playing she will just come and cuddle up to you. She has a little bit of an ornery streak, but its usually just little helarious things and you end up laughing so hard at her that you don't even care. I think she enjoys putting on a good show. She is great with little kids, animals, other dogs, just about anything you introduce her too she joyfully welcomes! Penny is practically human I think.
Penny also has champion bloodlines and it shows in her as well. She has a GORGEOUS Black and tan coat. She also has "the Prance" down to a T! She is pretty convinced she is a queen! She is so so smart and has SUCH a personality!! She is SUCH a good girl, i could go on and on. Penny has been a fabulous addition to our family! She is a beautiful dog!! Penny weighs about 58 lbs.



We have BIG shoes to fill in trying to find a new stud to replace Judd as he gets closer to retirement age! Everyone that sees Judd says "WOW I want that dog!" But Spartacus is proving to fill those shoes!! He is an awesome dog! He is as big and solid as Judd and has a fun loving personality as well as a very protective watch dog over his girls and family! He is still young and still has some of those young dog traits but is really quite mature for a young male dog! He loves attention and running around exploring! He gets along well with other dogs. He is a GORGEOUS Airedale with eye catching Airedale features and a beautiful black and tan coat! He is the son of Penny and a carefully selected stud dog. He weighs about 70lbs.


Thor is the definition of fun loving!! He and Spartacus are taking on the roles of stud dogs, as Judd steps back into retirement. When we initially starting thinking about retiring Judd, it was hard to imagine that we could EVER EVER find a dog to come close to as gorgeous as he is along with his wonderful personality, but boy have we been fortunate because Thor and Spartacus are INCREDIBLE DOGS!! :) Thor is actually Judd's son! We wanted to be sure to carry on Judd's genetics. He is the son of Katrina and Judd, so he has Katrina's incredible genetics as well! He is still young, but he is brilliantly smart, and comical just like Judd, he is a AWESOME looking Airedale and has inherited Judd's "board walk." He LOVES to play and is one of those dogs that loves anyone, anything, and everything! He is a very confident but submissive dog. He LOVES to play fetch and is one of our only dogs who ALWAYS brings it back (watch, he will quite today now). Its funny because when he is fetching, and leans in to get the ball often he lets himself drop to the ground and roll! It is a funny thing to watch!! :) I am SO excited to see how his puppies turn out because he is the perfect combination of looks and personality!
Thor weighs about 72 lbs.

Thors first grooming


Official AKC NAME: JUDD OF ANNES AIREDALES.      Nickname: Judd.          

Judd is an all around AMAZING dog. He is a STUNNING Airedale and all of his puppies seem to get his good looks, his gorgeous ears, his bouncy prance, and his goofy, loving personality! Judd has champion bloodlines and it shows! He definitely has the physique of a champion, as do his puppies. Judd is a sweet, sweet dog, wonderful, loyal dog. He is a fabulous watchdog! He would protect his girls and his family with his life, i have NO doubts! He loves to run and explore, and is also my faithful jogging partner. He is also a puppy at heart and adores attention, and playing. He has the typical, comical, human like personality and just makes you laugh all the time! He is definitely the leader of the pack, the man in charge. He is really "my dads dog" they are great pals and my dad always says hes a MAN"S DOG!" He has finally hit his golden years of retirement and so he is no longer being used as a stud for our females, but we DEFINITELY have made sure his bloodlines stay in our dogs!! He is one of a kind as far as we are concerned and we have kept Thor from Judd and Katrina's litter to be one of our new stud's. Thor has turned into a VERY similar dog as Judd and we are absolutely thrilled (though not at all surprised!!) Judd is a big boy and weighs about 71 lbs, hes not so much taller than the girls, just really solid!

Before GroomingAfter Grooming

JUDDS PEDIGREE BELOW- if you want Judd's or any of the others email me.