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Hello! I'm Anne Ramseyer (Klotzle). You can read about my family and the beginning of Anne's Airedale's on our home page. My hope is that between reading that and this page about us you will see how genuinely passionate we are about our dogs and the puppies we produce.

My brother Steve Klotzle and I are now the "owners" of Anne's Airedale's and we run the business end of it, but that has not stopped my entire family from loving and caring for each and everyone of our pets. It is MOST CERTAINLY a family operation!

I created this page because A: I want you to feel comfortable buying your puppy from us, and feel like you "know" us a little better. B: All the phone calls, texts, emails, and not much human interaction; I am ALWAYS curious what people are like and what they look like so I figure you are curious about us too!

The entire family has been apart of Anne's Airedale's since the beginning, but I always liked to think it was mainly me and my dad's thing that we did together. We always talk dogs and Airedale's and we're always brainstorming how to make things better. Dad is a part owner in a concrete business and after a while the emails, calls, advertising all got to be too much for him to do in the evenings when he got home from work so he handed that all over to me in about 2008. Then in 2012 he gave his entire half of the partnership to my brother Steve. We work well together and the partnership has done nothing but make us closer! Our combined strengths and weaknesses have truly covered all the bases and has definitely strengthened our little business in many ways.

We truly enjoy what we do and we are fortunate to be able to call all the fun we have with dogs and puppies a business. Other than obviously all of us playing and loving on the dogs and puppies, I mostly handle the computer and records stuff; keeping up with the website, youtube channel, facebook page, and emails, and am usually the one you will start off talking too about the puppies, and updating you as they grow up. Steve is incredible with the dogs and puppies, they all ADORE him, he is a meticulous cleaner, and keeps things clean and fresh for them all the time. He keeps up with our vet and making sure they are all up to date on shots, wormings, etc. He is also an incredible handyman and whips up things all the time for them! He recently build the welsh's a little see-saw to run up and down and play on! They are still trying to figure it out, but thats Steve, always trying to find some new fun thing or obstacle for the dogs to play with and enjoy!

ABOUT ME (ANNE): I just got married February 16, 2013! My husband is a hog farmer and now we farm together. We breed and raise piglets until they are 21 days old. Every month we wean the pigs and send them to a finishing barn. Our farm is called Porkberry Farm; I currently work full time there. It works out great for me, it is flexible enough that I can leave and take care of my puppies and buyers when ever I need too. My family keeps joking we need to rename the farm and Anne's Airedale's "Hogs and Dogs" or "Puppies and Piglets." Part of the reason we met was that he built a hog barn directly behind my parents house; we weren't too thrilled about it at the time because we went from being able to see nothing but fields to seeing and smelling this huge hog barn. However, that it ended up being the best thing that could've happened! 

We built a house right behind my parents house on our hog farm this year and it is pure bliss, being on the farm where we work and also our land being connected with my parents. It has all fallen into place wonderfully! Our daughter Ava was born in February of 2017 and we are loving being parents and learning how to live life with a baby! We cannot wait until shes old enough to enjoy the baby pigs and puppies!!! We are members at Crown Hill Mennonite Church.

 The picture to the right of this was one of our engagement pictures. The puppy seemed to LOVE the piglet and the piglet was just like "WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME! haha"

Hello! I am steve, I work full time during the summers for my dad pouring concrete and part time the rest of the year while i go to school at the University of Akron Wayne College. I have been a partner in Annes Airedales since 2012. I thoroughly enjoy my time spent with all the dogs, they are so much fun! I am a member at the Rittman Apostolic Christian Church. I have worked for my dad pouring concrete for the past 4 years, its hard work, which motivates me to graduate from college. I enjoy playing guitar, playing with the puppies, watching them grow and form their personalities.

Pictured is one of our past puppies and I.

The Klotzle Family: John, Cheri, Anne & Neil, Steve, & Julia